Power outages across the state

Nebraska (KNOP) - With blizzards come power outages. Areas all around the state now, being affected.
Custer Public Power General Manager Rick Nelson reports that three crews of linemen are out working on outages Thursday morning. The Broken Bow area saw a couple outages Wednesday night into Thursday morning, but currently, the big outage is in the Tryon area and one by Mullen.

Nelson said, "We had numerous blinking lights last night are are waiting to see if there is any additional damage that we don't know of yet. There could be isolated outages if we are making repairs and problems are found. At this point we are not expecting any other issues, but we are currently in the middle of a blizzard."

"I'm appreciative of our customers and their patience. This event isn't over, but I feel good with what we have so far," said Nelson. Nelson also says that his peers in the panhandle say that linemen there have been dealing with outages and galloping lines for over 24 hours.

And from the Dawson Pubic Power Facebook page, the public power company reports as of 7:30 am Thursday morning, "just a few outages reported right now."

They say as special wire, (T2) is designed to resist galloping in icy/windy conditions. Wild winds could make the lines slap together or could break the cross arms that hold the wire on the pole.

DPPD adds, "While we're waiting to see what this storm will bring, review your own emergency plans. Remember we cannot dispatch crews from social media or emails - you'll have to call 800-752-8305 or 308-324-2386. Look for more planning information at website: www.dawsonpower.com."