Preparing for Election Day with increased turnout of early voting

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GERING, Neb. It is voting season for the next Scottsbluff City Council member and board members for the Gering and Scottsbluff school boards.

It is going to be a busy Election Day and the Election Office says they are impressed with the early voting turnout.

“We’ve been preparing actually since the first of the year,” said Vera Dulaney, County Clerk for Scotts Bluff County. “There is a lot involved in getting ready for a major election which this is and we take our time to be sure that everything is in order.”

Many of the voting locations include the Western Nebraska Community College to the Culvary Lutheran Church. For people who are voting, they should expect a little bit of a wait.

“People should get to their particular polling place and expect probably a short delay,” said Dulaney.

With the previous election, they say the numbers were very low but with this upcoming election, they say they are quite impressed with the early voting turnout.

“It’s looking much differently,” said Dulaney. “We’ve been quite surprised at the turnout of early voters this time. Apparently, there’s an increased interest out there which is bringing people to the polls and we are delighted with that information.”

Dulaney says that you have the right to vote freely so you should utilize the privileges that people wish they had.

“People need to vote because they are fortunate enough to live in a county that allows open voting and there are countries around the world that do not have voting capabilities at all,” explained Dulaney.

The polls for Election Day will begin tomorrow; starting at seven in the morning and closing at seven at night.

For the list of voting polls near you, you can visit their website at