Property tax relief v. sales tax increases

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KNOP) - A North Platte Senator says the property tax bill in the Legislature right now is the way to finally give property tax relief to farmers, ranchers, and homeowners. Mike Groene says this property tax plan will work. Others argue the property tax plan means increases in other taxes.

Tuesday is the first full Legislature started debate on a plan to lower property taxes and change the structure of school funding. It would impose a half-cent sales tax increase and levy sales taxes on 29 services that are currently exempt, like haircuts, pop, bottled water and professional lawn care.

The tax shift plan faces strong opposition from Gov. Pete Ricketts.

Groene says the proposal guarantees that a third of a child's education will be paid for with sales and income taxes.

Getting it through the one-house Legislature will require support from at least 33 of Nebraska's 49 senators to overcome an expected filibuster.