Annual show displaying artwork of quilters

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - Members of a quilting guild have been piecing together works of art that are now on display in North Platte.

Quilts on display at annual quilt show during Nebraskaland Days.

The Heartland Quilters Guild Nebraskaland Days Show displayed dozens of quilts in all shapes and sizes.

The show, which is held at the Nebraskaland National Bank, runs Wednesday through Saturday during bank hours. There is no admission fee, but the guild is taking free-will donations.

Theresea Smith is a member of the guild and said most of them are made by women right here in Nebraska.

"These women are artists," said Smith. "It's just so beautiful to me. It really is about showing off, showing off what we have and what we do and there is so much talent in this area."

Smith said she is grateful these artists are willing to share their talents. "I'm just so grateful to the bank grateful, to the people that come, grateful to the people that make stuff and are willing to because that's kind of a leap of trust. You're taking this thing that you spent, some people, years making it and leaving it for a week and you're letting people touch it and look at it and take pictures of it."

There is a story behind nearly all of the quilts and one in particular holds a special piece of Lincoln County history.

"Grace Snyder, who is pretty darn famous for her quilts," said Smith, "She's from here, she's one of our Sandhills people and she's world famous for her quilting. One of her quilts is the top 100 quilts in the United States. Some of her piecing is as small as an inch so it's just wonderful."

The Lincoln County Historical Museum loaned a couple of Snyder's quilts to the guild to be displayed at their show.

In addition to the quilts, there was a boutique of handmade items for sale.

"We contribute quilts to the NICU, Bridge of Hope, The Women's Resource Center, Rape and Domestic Abuse as well as disaster quilts and some of the money from the boutique will go to fund that," said Smith.