Radio Disney honors Stapleton schools with concert, money, awards

Published: Apr. 1, 2016 at 9:44 PM CDT
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A couple of months ago, Stapleton Public Schools was entered into the national Music In Our Schools competition.

They ended up winning the contest and Friday they were honored for their music program with a $2500 grant and a visit from Radio Disney!

"I looked at the date and thought it was an April Fool's joke." Music Teacher Daniel Gibbs said. "I'm really happy that it wasn't. It was a really great surprise!"

Both Megan Nicole and Nate from Radio Disney visited the school and they brought more than just their talents with them.

The night started off with Stapleton schools performing an encore of their winning piece for the tour.

"I'm very proud of all the students here because they really really wanted this and they pushed themselves to get us to where we are right now."

The stars then took to the stage. Megan Nicole performed a couple of her songs before getting around to Stapleton's awards- a check for $2500 and an RD award.

"An RD award is what we give out to people who win at the RDMAs (Radio Disney Music awards)." Radio Disney's Nate said. "It is a golden, sort of, Mickey statue with headphones on. It's a really cool thing and we brought one with us tonight."

But the biggest gift they brought with them was a message, that even in small town Nebraska, you can meet some high goals.

"Dream big!" Singer Megan Nicole said. "I mean, I came from a small suburb of Houston and now I'm able to have the opportunity to pursue what I love, which is music, and share it with people like here in Nebraska today."

The school is planning to use all of the money from the winnings on their music program. Music teacher Daniel Gibbs says next year they'll enter another contest and try to do just as well with the future music classes.