Rec Center master plan open house

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. KNOP The North Platte Area Wellness and Recreation Alliance hosted an open house Monday night to give the public an opportunity to learn more about the North Platte Rec Center's master plan.

TSP Design Principal and Senior Architect Sean Ervin explains the blue prints for the Rec Center's master plan. (Source: Beatriz Reyna/KNOP-TV)

It's a process the wellness committee has worked on since 2014.

The open house is a series of open houses that will be held to determine the future of the 43-year-old facility.

A walking track and a six lane competition pool are a few of the highlights being considered.

"It all depends on what the public wants," said TSP Design Principal Senior Architect Sean Ervin. "We will look at the potential for the new construction just as a comparison to an existing expansion like we are talking about, but ultimately all of that will be up to the community to decide what they would like to see."

A second workshop is in the works. A date is yet to be determined.