Recruiting retailers to North Platte

Jace Barraclough North Platte's Chamber & Development is working hard to recruit retailers to bring their stores to North Platte.

With noticeable vacancies in North Platte's shopping areas, the pressure has been heavy to fill those spaces.

Unfortunately, many of the national chains aren't expanding due to the decrease of sales in the brick and mortar stores.

Those that are expanding are being extra careful to pick the right areas.

The Chamber's Cassie Condon says they've been utilizing many resources to give North Platte the best chance at attracting those companies.

"We hired a company called 'Buxton.' They provide us with third party verified factual data that we can use when we're reaching out to these retailers," says Condon.

"Certain retailers will look at a 20 minute drive time. That's something Buxton has helped us provide is that we have customers coming from Northern Kansas and Eastern Colorado and Northern Nebraska. Well over 120 minutes to shop here in North Platte. So providing that data has helped open the eyes of the retailers and showing them that Western Nebraskans will travel to a destination for shopping."

Condon says while she can't mention any names, she says she's confident North Platte is becoming an area of interest for retailers.