Region 51 Emergency Management closing roads due to flooding

KNOP- Region 51 Emergency Management called a press conference at the North Platte Public Safety building Wednesday afternoon.

The North Platte Police Department, North Platte City, Lincoln County Sheriff's Office, Nebraska Department of Roads and Emergency Management met at the public safety building to discuss the plan of action for rain and snow run off.

They said with rain and snow melt, the ground is not ready to absorb the moisture. There are planned road closures and then they said they will close more as needed.

The areas to be closed at 1:30 p.m. CST are:

Westbound I-80 in North Platte and Highway 30
State Farm Road at Buffalo
Walker Road at Buffalo
Westbound Front Street
North River Road and Highway 83

Brandon Meyers with Region 51 Emergency Management said this is to stop commerce traffic from using and possibly getting stuck on these roads that are being washed out due to rain and melting snow.

The North Platte Police Department said their goal is to not make Wednesday about rescues. They will assist if anyone gets stranded, but they will not be pulling any stuck vehicles out Wednesday at the risk of getting more vehicles or individuals stuck.

Meyers said there will be barricades placed and asked the public to avoid those areas. He said to contact the Region 51 Emergency Management Office if you see a road flooded. He also said to look out for standing water and to not try to go through those areas.