Rep. Adrian Smith talks Trump during NPHS visit

Published: May. 6, 2016 at 5:29 PM CDT
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Instead of greeting Mr. Trump in Omaha, Congressman Adrian Smith spent his morning at North Platte High School speaking with students and answering questions.

Even though Rep. Smith's full schedule kept him from welcoming the likely Republican Presidential nominee, he did have a few things to say about Trump.

Smith says he was very impressed with North Platte's students and the tough political questions they asked, and many people seemed to be curious about his support of Donald Trump's presidential bid.

Smith says he will support who ever the Republican Party elects as it's nominee and is coming to grips that it will most likely be Donald Trump.

He says it's important for people to rally around the candidate.

And even with all of the controversy and noise that have followed Trump throughout his campaign, Smith says disagreement and debate is healthy; that our country was founded on it.

Rep. Adrian Smith said, "He's going to need more than just republicans and those partisan republicans to support him. He needs folks in the middle and so I hope that he can engage the American people in a way that can show a bright future for America."

A big concern for Smith is having another president who will carry out the policies from the past seven plus years.

He says having Trump in office will fair better for the country.

Adrian Smith says he really hopes Americans can unite rather than dividing based on party affiliation.

But all in all he says it's very encouraging to see a younger generation care about politics and look to the future.