Repairs sought for Cattle Growers Road

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - One road in Northern Lincoln County provides more than access to farms and ranches near Stapleton. It is the main route to the Lincoln County Feedyard, who employs more than 80 people and does business with ranchers across the country.

Today at the Lincoln County Commissioners meeting people who use the road raised their concerns and asked for serious repairs.

Some commissioners are concerned about farmers, ranchers, and feedlots maintaining their own roads on weekends when storms hit and they can't come out to grade them.

Owner of the feedyard, Steve Scholz realizes this is an issue, but says he isn't left with much of an option since his livestock's lives depend on being able to use the roads to care for them.

"The problem that we have is, if a rain or snow event shows up on a Saturday or Sunday. There's nobody that's going to be here to maintain it. By Monday morning things look better but it's only because we took care of it on Saturday or Sunday," said Scholz.

Scholz says they average 32 truckloads a day 7 days a week coming in and out of the feedlot.

"Some of the commodities that don't have a long shelf life are things we have to have on a daily basis," said Scholz.

Sholz also remarked on the general importance of the infrastructure of our roads.

"Down in South American their hindrance to the global marketplace is having infrastructure to get their crops to town and crop support. We're far and well above that, don't get me wrong. If we don't take care of the infrastructure it's going to deteriorate the rest of the country around it," commented Scholz.

Commissioners Walt Johnson and Jerry Woodruff, and Road superintendent Carla O'Dell will inspect the issues surrounding the road and report back to the commissioners with their recommendations.