Resurfacing project to begin west of North Platte interchange

North Platte, Neb. (KNOP) - It's been 31 years since the interstate from North Platte to Hershey has been resurfaced. There has been maintenance, but not a complete overhaul since 1987.

Gary Thayer, District Engineer of Nebraska Department of Transportation, District 6 of North Platte said he was a young engineer, fresh out of college, last time the interstate west of North Platte was resurfaced.

Crews did concrete repair and diamond grinding 12 years ago (and other minor maintenance), but this is the first overlay project, and flashing arrow boards and tapers with barrels and cones will be a part of the roadway beginning soon.

Areas for repair began being marked Monday. Thayer said that one lane to and from North Platte will remain open at all time, but that drivers may see some slight delays due to reduced speed in work zones.

The project will begin with concrete repair and will include a two foot widening of the outside surface of the shoulder; and, of course; the asphalt overlay.

"It's just really time to repair it again due to heavy loads," said Thayer. "It is typical with the pavement's age - between mother nature and heavy wheel loads. It just takes work."

Thayer reminds drivers that the work is being done for their safety, but to also remember the safety of the workers.