Road maintenance workers working long hours during blizzard

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NORTH PLATTE. Neb -- Waiting around is the biggest challenge for work crews because they never know what areas will be impacted the most but safety is their primary goal.

They want to be sure that everyone that was on the road at the time this storm hits can make it somewhere safe.

To do that they're doubling staff and running 16 people at all times and depending what time the snow stops crews could be working until tomorrow evening.

In total, some crew workers will see 16 hours on the road. In this storm alone they've called in eight additional construction workers from other crews.

"It makes it difficult at home but at the same time our families understand and we've all come to the realization this is the biggest part of our job and we want to make sure everybody can travel safely and get to and from wherever they need to go," says Ashley Whitson, a Senior Maintenance worker with the Nebraska Department of Transportation.

She said this storm has really hampered other projects that they normally would be working on this time of year such as cutting down dead tree limbs.

So, some power outages could very well be a result of some of these dead tree limbs hitting power lines.

If you are exerperiencing a power outage you should always alert officials and have patience.