Road to repairs costing Lincoln County thousands

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - The storm is now behind us but the damage remains and road officials are still repairing in between the weather outbreaks. Lincoln County road officials hope to finally complete road repairs as long as mother nature allows it.

The inconsistent weather and floods have really taken a toll on lincoln county roads. Road officials say they've never seen anything like it. So far, about $136,000 has been spent on repairing damaged roads.

Officials say that if the weather cooperates, they could get roads completed in two weeks. Lincoln County Road Superintendent Carla O'dell said, "We need mother nature to cooperate a little bit here, it seems like we take a couple steps forward and five steps backwards."

Road officials have been working hard for several weeks to tackle all roads, especially roads where residents were blocked from leaving their homes. Lincoln County resident Linda Doyle could not leave her house until the Roads department came to the rescue and put a culvert in the ground. Doyle said, "It was a struggle getting in and out obviously but they were really good about coming and getting this fixed up and getting us back in, they came and fixed the roads so we could just get across."

Lincoln county road officials say all the major repairs are complete and they are now adding the finishing touches to get the roads back in shape.