Safety Tips For Your Pets This Holiday Season

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Mason Porterville All those shiny Christmas decorations look pretty neat to us but can also look pretty tasty to your pets.

Experts warn there are two groups of hazards for your pets during the holiday, decorations and food.

Small toys and ornaments pose the risk of getting stuck in your pets mouth or gastrointestinal (G.I) tract.

Puppies and cats may be attracted to lights and can shock themselves if they're in reach.

They say foods with a high fat content can also lead to pancreaitis or an inflamed G.I tract.

"Obviously there's some dogs that will eat anything under the sun. Those things can obviously become a risk of them ingesting them, getting stuck; again, leading you to emergency surgery or some sort of cut, things like that that would have to be treated," says Dr. Ashlee Brown of Westfield Small Animal Clinic.

Experts say to look for signs such hunching of the back or drastic mood and appetite change as a sign of your pet ingesting something they should not have..

Emergency surgeries can cost as much as 900 dollars.