Sandhill Cranes return to Nebraska

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As things start to warm up and the snow melts, Sandhill Cranes are making their arrival in our area. Nebraska Game and Parks has several places in the area where you can view them.

Julie Geiser with Nebraska Game and Parks says Sandhill Crane season can start as early as the end of February and go on until the month of April.

Game and Parks has made public viewing areas where you can pull off the road and see the cranes. One area is along a dirt road near Scout's Rest Ranch, but it's not the only place people can view the cranes.

Blinds provide a safe way for people to view the cranes from inside. The two in our area are located near the North Platte River and across from the Buffalo Bill Mansion. Games and Parks says the cranes are also great for tourism.

Over five hundred thousand cranes are expected to make their way to their breeding grounds in northern Canada and even Siberia.