Sandhills State Bank helps fund creativity

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. It was a big day for the Prairie Arts Center on Thursday. The Sandhills State Bank donated $50,000 in an effort to nurture creativity in the community.

"It's important for us as builders of communities to invest back into our communities. The reason why art is so important is really for the next generations to spark that creative interest and the problem solving ability that all the small towns need throughout Nebraska to keep thriving," said Sandhills State Bank's David Gale.

Gale says he recognized art doesn't get the funding it deserves.

"Arts are such an important part of that. They don't get a lot of the funding that other disciplines do so it's important for us to invest in that"

Gale says this idea was sparked after interviewing young people who have lost creative thinking due to screen time.

"One thing we found as an employer interviewing young people today- as the amount of reading done by young people today decreases when screen time increases, a lot of young people we interview are very good at test. But, the creative thinking or the strategic ideas that towns need in their next generation of leaders gets lost," said Gale.

Executive Director of the Prairie Arts Center Holly Carlini says even though the building's renovations are almost complete, they are still needing more donations to finish the project.