Saving animals with soup

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. People in the North Platte area were helping animals by eating soup. It was the 6th Annual "Soup Fur Paws" event at the D & N Event Center on Saturday.

Hundreds of people filled the dining area.

The donations only event provided desserts and soups for free.

Dozens of volunteers brought their specialty medleys to feed the guests. The soups ranged from homemade chicken noodle to cheeseburger.

Even though the soups were tasty, they were not the star of the show. Rather, it was all about the homeless pets.

"We rescue animals from the North Platte Animal Shelter. We provide a rescue resource for them. We also provide medical assistance to animals in need at the shelter," says Fur the Love of PAWS Director Jenn Porter-Milne.

"Which requires funds. To rescue one dog or cat from the Animal Shelter it's $250 minimum. Most of them have extenuating needs whether they're sick, ill, injured or something like that. That's on top of the $250."

To donate you can visit
Fur the Love of PAWS.