Senate candidate to focus on abiding by the Constitution

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. We are under 11 months away until election day and Sen. Deb Fischer could be on the hot seat.

Todd Watson is a Lincoln native who makes his living in real estate, managing his family farmland, and running a tech business that operates in over 37 states.

But Watson's mantra wasn't the typical rhetoric for Republicans with a business background.

He criticized both of Nebraska's Republican senators on their ratings by the Conservative Review.

His message, 'make Republicans conservative again' and he says that starts with the constitution.

To Watson, the constitution provides the framework for American law and he believes that recently it's been abused on everything to immigration to state rights.

Most concerning to Watson is the amount of executive orders coming out of the white house by the current and previous administrations.

He says to fix this we need to begin to redistribute power from the Executive branch and back into the Legislative branch where he says productive debates can be held to vote on issues that matter.

"I believe in the constitution. 100% of it. Not select parts that fit the donors; the entirety of the constitution [and] also a commitment to conservative values and upholding the republican platform," says Watson.

Watson gave violation examples for the Treaty Provision, Foreign Commerce provision and referenced the fact that immigration has been delegated all to reasons why upholding the constitution is his priority.