Senator Mike Groene talks property taxes and educational funding in rural NE

Published: Jan. 21, 2019 at 7:16 PM CST
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Nebraska senators are preparing to tackle tough issues in the Nebraska Legislature. Senator Mike Groene especially watching issues that could hurt rural towns. Groene is now in his second term and some of his top priorities are making property taxes and educational funding fair for western Nebraska.

Governor Pete Ricketts is already proposing a property tax credit relief fund. He says AG land prices are dropping and new construction of homes are mostly in urban cities. So Senator Groene says the governor's relief fund doesn't do much for rural Nebraska.

Groene said, "I am against tax increases that is an increase in rate but I am willing to eliminate some sales tax exemptions.”

The governor wants to provide $550 million dollars in direct property tax relief to Nebraskans.

Groene also expressed that the governor's proposed school aid formula mainly benefits eastern cities. He believes guaranteeing state dollars ending up in small towns through state aid education, will help the economic development. His plan is to try to correct it with foundation aid.

Groene stated, "We're going to try to create something we call foundation aid, where we guarantee a percentage of the state revenues. The income, corporate, individual and sales taxes to be guaranteed to go to the foundation aid so that every child receives a certain amount of state funding "

Senator Groene plans on meeting with the government staff this week to go over his proposals on education funding.