Nebraska Senator urges voters to end the death penalty in November

Published: May. 24, 2016 at 3:02 PM CDT
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When Nebraska Senator Colby Coash was campaigning for a spot in the Legislature eight years ago, he set out to accomplish one thing.

"If you send me to find capitol I'll find broken government and I'll fix it, if I can't fix it, I'll get rid of it and capital punishment certainly fits the bill," Coash said.

Which is why he is touring the state to urge voters to end the death penalty this November.

"I believe in good government. I believe in a government that does what it says it is going to do. That was my reason for stepping out and saying Nebraska is better off without this," Coash said.

There are currently ten inmates on death row, which Coash says will more than likely never be executed.

In fact, Nebraska has gone 20 years without an execution.

One of the main reasons is the cost and the ability to obtain the lethal injection drug.

"We have a three dart protocol. We are unable to get one of the drugs because it is not manufactured here. Although we paid for it. We haven't got it and that has been a year down the road. The other two drugs are the two drugs that have been made domestically, but all of the drug company's are saying, "look if you are going to use this to kill somebody, we're not going to sell it to you," said Coash.

While it may not be a response many want to hear, Coash assures he's spoke to victims' families who are on both sides of the issue, and says life without parole works.

For example, Randy Reeves' sentence was changed to life in prison without parole this year.

However, he died last week while serving his sentence.

"Those ten inmates currently on death row will die in prison. Despite our efforts, we can't do it and we haven't done it," Coash said.

Senator Coash will conclude his tour for the week in McCook on Tuesday.

He does plan to make stops in the panhandle in the coming weeks.