Sewing to help animals effected by Australian wildfires

A group in Hershey assembles at the Hershey Baptist Church to sew pouches for animals effected by the Australian wildfires. (Source: Jace Barraclough/KNOP)

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. Members of the community met at The Hershey Baptist Church to help the animals of Australia on Saturday.

Courtney Ewald organized a group of people to make pouches and nests for kangaroos, wallabies and koalas effected by the wildfires in Australia.

Dozens of volunteers showed up to crochet, sew and cut fabric to craft the items.

Ewald's son Joshua was one of the members eager to help.

"I'm sad about all of the animals because I love all of the animals that are getting hurt in the fires. The kangaroos, koalas and the other animals," said Joshua.

Ewald is encouraging people to get involved by researching ways to help those effected by the wildfires online.

"When I heard about the Australian fires I wanted to do something to help the animals. So, I got on Facebook and they have all sorts of craft groups that are out there who are advertising that they needed help making these pouches and beds for animals."