Sharing the love at Westfield Shopping Center with food

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP)- Westfield merchants have accepted a challenge from the North Platte chamber to replenish the Salvation Army food pantry. And now they are challenging each other and their customers to donate food or cash through a share the love food drive for the hashtag "salvation army food pantry challenge."

Westfield shopping center has carts in various businesses giving people an opportunity to buy a ten dollar bag of food to donate, buy or bring food from home, or donate money for the Salvation Army. (SOURCE: Kaylie Crowe KNOP-TV)

Alyssa Fabik, a Westfield Business Association Business Partner said it was a good way to show they care.

"I think it's just a good reminder that somebody cares and that their loved it's February so it's a month of love yet it's something that 's not just a card or gift, this can actually feed a hungry person," said Fabik.

The food drive began February seventh and runs through Friday, February 21. Several Westfield businesses have grocery carts or baskets in their stores.

"Shelves at the Salvation Army Food Pantry are, were, bare and we are hoping to get them back up we kind of forget that they're still around and that people still need stuff in this winter time. So it's just a good way to restock those shelves," said Fabik.

Merchants are accepting non perishable food as well as cash donations to replenish the salvation army food pantry. The downtown association was also challenged to join in on the share the love food drive to make an even bigger impact.