Skywest Airlines hits six month mark for service at North Platte Regional Airport

NORTH PLATTE, Neb.- It has been just over six months since United operated by SkyWest began service to The North Platte Regional Airport.

Airport manager Mike Sharkey said the contract with SkyWest is for two years and began in February of this year. To be able to maintain their contract, they have to get 10,000 enplanements per year. An enplanement is classified as any paying passenger departing The North Platte Regional Airport.

Sharkey said they are averaging 1500 enplanements per month and if they can keep that up, they will reach that threshold.

Passenger Abigail Mowrey was flying out of the airport Wednesday and said because of the experience and ease of using United, it has become a favorite airline to book with when flying out.

"I have flown United before and I've really liked them a lot. In fact we have used them most of the time when we are flying out of places. Usually it's really easy because they have an app that's super easy to use and obviously like we can access the tickets even though if we didn't buy them," said Mowrey.

Airport manager Sharkey said United managed by SkyWest has been a great addition to the airport and it has been very well received by both staff and passengers. He said their service are friendly, easy to use and they do not cancel on people. he says if flights continue the way they are with their great service and word of mouth about the airline, they can reach their necessary quotas and continue service.

"They are very good at what they do and it's a good thing, because they are very reliable and we were suffering from previous airlines that weren't very reliable and it was a hard sale to get people back flying but because they are reliable and prices are reasonable, we are very very pleased with them," said Sharkey.

Sharkey said in 2020 the airport will sit down and look and the performance to renegotiate the contract.