Small pay increases for NPPS teaching staff

NORTH PLATTE, Neb, (KNOP) - Teachers at North Platte Public Schools will see an increase in pay next year. The school board approved a 1.5% salary increase for all teachers. The increase also includes slight adjustments to their salary and benefits package.

The starting salary for a new teacher, at the entry level base pay, is $37,395.

Stuart Simpson, with NPPS, says, "The base is going up $445 and we also increased Blue Cross and Blue Shield because that is going up to this next year as well as the stipend per the calculation in the master agreement."

Simpson says, "We negotiated a 1.5 percent increase but when Tami Eshleman starts placing staff members who have taken classes or another year of service that's another 1 percent. We share that at the table this year so the total overall package will be 2.5 percent."

Currently, the district is facing 16 vacancies due to retirements or resignations. Six of those vacancies are administrative positions.