Snow calls for shovels, scoops and a positive attitude

Snow removal will be a common sight today and over the weekend. The streets were packed with flakes Friday morning.

For some scooping snow means exercise, for others it's a business and for a select few it provides a chance to connect with the outdoors.

On local streets Lou Cox-Fornander was found clearing out her driveway with shovel in hand. Cox-Fornander said it's typically her husbands job, but he had recently undergone a shoulder surgery and was out of commission.

But she didn't mind the job too much, saying that winter in Nebraska is unpredictable and she appreciates the moisture.

"This is typically not the most fun thing. What I like to do during a winter snow is stay home, snuggle up with a blanket, a book and a cup of hot cocoa. This is not my first choice of activity, but it could be worse. The wind is blowing and it's kind of a pretty snow. You've got to enjoy what you get I guess," said Cox-Fornander.

Snow totals are expected to be higher in the Sandhills, especially around Broken Bow and Valentine. Another storm is expected for Saturday.