Snowfall reminds people to prepare for winter

North Platte, Neb. (KNOP) - Meteorologist warn Nebraskans about upcoming weather changes so that people can prepare for the best and the worst. When beautiful weather is forecast, picnics and family gatherings are planned. So, when a storm is coming, the same approach should be taken.

Brandon Myers, Director of Region 51 Emergency Management has seen disaster due the lack of planning.

"People get stranded and die because they're not prepared. And my goal for emergency management is to limit that and to try and get the message out - make sure people are aware, that they're thinking and they're thinking, ahead," said Myer.

Myers is always planning ahead. He directs Lincoln, Hitchcock, and Dundy Counties in emergency management. Others should take his advice.

Having a 72-hour home kit with supplies such and non-perishable food and three day's supply of drinking water for each person and pet in the home; non-electronic activities help with boredom if the electricity goes out for the car. The list includes water, non-perishable fgood, jumper cables, extra clothes, flashlight and batteries, and a first aid kit. A small shovel and kitty litter will help aid in traction and getting out of a snow drift.