Snowstorm tips from a trucker

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb.-- Driving in bad weather, especially snow and ice is risky due to more stop time, poor traction and low visibility and for semi drivers those risks can be multiplied.

Dozens of truckers were getting off the road to avoid snowstorm Jaxon but a few were brave enough to go back out. However, before hitting the road they gave a good rule of thumb about driving in a snowstorm and the fine line of getting work done and staying safe.

The main thing one trucker says was to not hurry. Driving the speed limit may be legal but in foul weather it's often too fast.

Know what you're capable of. Don't try and be a hero and don't feel like you're letting anyone down by not meeting a scheduled time frame due to pulling of the road.

"Just stay put. Don't even try it. I would just stay off the road. If you're in a truck just stay in your cab until you know, it gets lighter or whatever. You know what you can do and what you can't do. You have that common sense in you," says Jerquint Sudds.

A few other pointers for truckers braving the conditions, never use a Jake brake on icy roads. Keeping fuel tanks topped off will aid with traction.

Also, always make sure trailer lights are cleared off and visible.