Something as simple as soap and water can prevent COVID-19 spread

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP)- With the COVID-19 spread it is important people remember the importance of washing their hands. When it comes to hand washing, some may not know they are not doing it correctly. Jenny Turner the Lincoln County 4-H Extension Assistant gives some tips on how to properly wash your hands and how often to do so.

Turner demonstrates good hand washing tips and tricks to prevent spread of Covid-19 or any illness. (SOURCE: Kaylie Crowe KNOP-TV)

Jenny Turner, the Lincoln County 4H Extension Assistant, says we should wash often.

"I recommend if you're touching something especially with what we got going on right now the more you wash your hands the better off. If they become dry you can always use lotion," said Turner.

She emphasizes the importance of cleaning under the finger nails and the cuticles. She says if hand sanitizer has 60 percent alcohol is good but only a quick fix and soap and water is best. Turner emphasizes the importance of washing for 20 seconds.

"And if I want to scrub underneath my fingernails I'm gonna go to to the palm of my hand and go up and down. Then if I want to get my cuticle which is a pretty important place that germs like to hang out. I'm gonna go the opposite direction on the palm of my hand," said Turner.

She used black light to demonstrate just how many germs are on our hands.

"Your hands are the number one place that germs will spread trough so I mean think about how many things you come in contact with in a day, and you probably don't wash your hands as many times as you touch something," said Turner.

She also demonstrated with pepper in water and how it reacts to soap on the finger, like germs would. The germs move away from the soap.

"Get your hands wet, scrub for the 20 seconds that's a really important piece, rinse really well, I mean spend time really cleaning your hands. I know we're in a day and age that it's like hurry hurry hurry but washing your hands properly and for that 20 seconds is a really important piece.