South Beach at Lake Maloney closed

LAKE MALONEY, Neb. Nebraska Public Power District is taking measures of their own to encourage social distancing at Lake Maloney.

A sign is posted on the south beach of Lake Maloney telling visitor's it's closed. (Source: Jace Barraclough/KNOP)

The organization owns and has closed the south beach at the lake to avoid any potential spread of COVID-19.

According to NPPD's Bryan Hope they are trying to follow the restrictions Nebraska Game and Parks is implementing at many of their beaches.

However, even though the beach itself is closed, the area surrounding it is still open.

"There's park benches, there's picnic tables and what not up here. Those are still available to be used," said Hope. "As long as the social distancing and the group sizes follow the directives from the governor, enjoy!"

Hope said they don't want any trouble, but if people are caught ignoring the signs the trespassers may have to answer to the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office.