Soybeans make it out of fields and to elevator

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - The sun has been shining in North Platte this week, and soybean producers have been able to get into their fields. And now, stress shifts from wet fields - to long waits at the elevator.
Shane Miller of Miller Farms in North Platte said, "Then we get to sit and wait. Hopefully the community understands that it's this time, 'cuz, there's times you come in and you're all the way on the other side of Highway 83.
Lines nearly reached Highway 83 throughout the day Tuesday. Kent Weems, Location Manager for Ag Valley Co-op, said that it was nearly historical. He said that the lines and rush for corn harvest were long, but that the unseasonable rains had pushed a "normally trickling" harvest - "all in to one small time frame."
Most producers are running a week or two behind in the soybean harvest. "Yeah, we're probably about a week behind," said Miller. "We did finish up, so this is our last load of beans. So, it'll relieve a little pressure for the guys, I guess - two less trucks coming in."
Weems indicated that the sudden rush of soybean harvest was stressful, but that "blood pressures should be going down, now."
"Now, onto the next challenge - which is the corn crop. I mean, you know, that, some of it was hailed on in the area. So that has a significant risk to ear droppage with even high winds, and you don't need snow for that. So, there will be concern with that as well, but just getting the bean portion of it out of the way is going to be a relief for everyone," said Weems.