Spreading cheer to others with a sign

Two brothers (Blake on left, Matthew on right) spread cheer by waving a sign to cars passing by. (SOURCE: Kaylie Crowe KNOP-TV)
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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP)- Two local students practicing social distancing but also cheering on their neighbors through the Coronavirus. They held a sign up saying "Just Here to "spread" Some Cheer" to people driving by.

Drivers waved and honked in reaction to the sign. The two boys plan to continue to do this in hopes to bring happiness to others during a hard time.

Blake Jackson says they had some cool reactions from the public.

"Yesterday we had this lady, she almost cried, so she took our pictures and said we just made her day," said Jackson.

Matthew Jackson says he just wants to make others happy.

"I just like seeing smiles on peoples' faces, I just like seeing people happy," said Jackson.

They say they just want to make peoples day and bring a smile to their face.