State golfers find other fun after first day of tournament gets rained out

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - The first day of the Class D Boys State Golf Tournament was cancelled as a result of today's very rainy forecast.

Boys state golf competitor's got the day off due to inclement weather and went bowling instead. (Madison Clark/KNOP-TV)

"It's a championship, so you hate to mess with a championship. It was just in conditions that aren't going to identify the best players. Tomorrow we'll be able to do that with good conditions," said Ben Vigil, a Rules Official for the Nebraska Golf Association.

But the golfers didn't let the rainy weather get them down.

Instead they found other things to keep them busy and played another sport that takes a good amount of hand-eye coordination, bowling.

"We tried to practice yesterday but the rain kind of put a damper on our golfing. So we're just getting some good team bonding in with some bowling and lazer tag. I think we've chipped and putted in the hallways and played some playstation. Anything and everything trying to keep ourselves focused but having fun. Glad we're not out there today because man, we'd be getting soaked right now. But it's a great experience, that's for sure," said Burwell Senior Jordan McBride.

The state golf tournament has been modified to be a one day event and will tee off tomorrow at 9 am at the Lake Maloney Golf Course.