Staying fit when it's freezing

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - When staying warm is the main concern over the winter, going to the gym might be a huge task but fitness experts say it's worth it. Gyms can sometimes see a slowdown in attendance during the winter months.

The recent extreme temperatures have made it even harder, but fitness experts say now is better than ever. They say staying active all year is great for your health and let's you blow off some steam.

Being sedentary is harmful for our bodies, which are designed to do work. Fitness experts say work hard and stay focused. Fitness Coach Allen Parr said, "Consistency is the key so if you're going to let every little change in the weather slow you down, you're going to have difficulty reaching your goals. Once in a while is okay but again, consistency is the key here."

Fitness experts also suggest going to the gym with a partner to help keep you accountable.