Storm chasers visit Nebraska

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. As the rough weather makes its way into Western and Central Nebraska, the storm chasers are bound to follow.

As the fast and dry winds make their way from the Rockies, we could experience a lot of friction in the atmosphere.

Storm chasers from all over are making their way to Western Nebraska Thursday night, then to Central Nebraska Friday following the anticipated storm.

You could see them in their vehicles pumping gas, leaving a hotel, or on the side of the road planning their chase.

Jeff Boeckl of Maryland gets a thrill from watching tornadoes.

"There could be more intense tornadoes- especially in the Central Nebraska area where that wind sheer along the warm front is going to be turning," said Boeckl.

"When that happens you can get some of the longer lasting storms. I wouldn't rule out F-2 or F-3 in those types of storms as well."

Boeckl says while it's fun to chase storms, he says he doesn't enjoy them when they hit populated areas.

"A lot of emotions come into play. Obviously it's exhilarating, you know, you're ecstatic. Especially if it's the first tornado you've ever seen," Boeckl said.

"But, you've also got to remember there's going to be damage. It could be destroying somebody's lives and their property."

He says even though seeing a tornado can be fun, if you hear the siren, you need to take cover.