Student-run greenhouse opens doors

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LEXINGTON, Neb. -- The Lexington High School greenhouse is opening its doors for another summer, despite a rocky spring.

During the spring, there were concerns the student-run greenhouse would not be open this year because a contaminated batch of soil forced the students to replant everything, which put them behind schedule.

The flowers in the hanging pots cost $20, the vegetable plants cost $2 and the flowers in the small pots are worth $4. All of the work is performed by the students in the LHS Future Farmers of America chapter and horticulture class. The money raised by the sale of the plants helps further their education.

"With the funds that we get from here," Danielle Barraza, the president of the LHS FFA chapter, said, "we get to travel to the national FFA convention. There we go to workshops. We go to little places where we learn (and) there's also a bunch of colleges we can see."

The greenhouse is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. For more information you may call Tim Potter at 308-870-0235.