Students address pollution, literacy and hunger in North Platte

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - Hunger, literacy and pollution were some of the issues students in North Platte said they are wanting to address in their community.

There are about 20 students at Jefferson Elementary School in a program called HAL which stands for High Ability Learners.

They meet once a month and work on different projects furthering their education and bettering their school or city.

Wednesday night they presented their projects they have been working on for the past month.

The idea for the projects had to be something that would better the environment, school or North Platte.

Rhet Torske and Cole Tomlinson did a canned food drive for their project. They partnered with Gary's Super Foods and set up a table to collect non-perishable food and monetary donations from patrons. The items they collected were then donated to the Salvation Army Food Bank.

"It makes us feel good inside because we helped a good cause and we got 45-50 cases of canned food," said Tomlinson.

There were 16 students who participated in the presentations. Every participant got candy and there were three winners of certificates that also got to chose a prize.
Those winners were: Alyssa Baker (4th grade), Lauren (5th grade) and Dylan (4th grade) Bowers and Eve Rutherford (4th grade.)

The stations presented included: food drives, bee habitats, helping the elderly, combating pollution, book exchange and proposed batting cages.The students involved in HAL range from third to fifth grade and they qualify to be a member through testing.