Students give back through community service on the last day of school

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. KNOP North Platte Catholic Schools students are giving back to the community on their last day of school.

Students at McDaid Elementary took advantage of the beautiful weather to paint a mural for their school.

The idea came from sixth grade teacher Diane Nichols about a month ago.

Students brained stormed their ideas and came up with a graffiti logo as their final design.

"I think it's amazing in my opinion," said sixth grade student Ellie Hanna.

Meantime, high school students spent their morning cleaning up their classrooms and a local golf course as part of their community service project.

"People just assume we are a Catholic school and we really don't do much for the community, but I think it's great to get out and it's kind of fun to work and help," said eight grade student William Moats.

The community service project is an idea Principal Mark Skillstad came up with ten years ago.