Students learning life skills through ESU 16 program

Published: Jun. 28, 2020 at 8:34 PM CDT
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Independent living, leisure and life skills are just some of the things being taught this summer by a special program for Educational Service Unit (ESU) 16 area high school students.

The Summer Transition Independent Living and Rec and Leisure program or the 'STIR' program, has been going on all summer, and due to Coronavirus restrictions, this year, they have moved virtual.

Every Monday and Friday, the six transition aged students log in for about an hour to talk about different life skills, catch up on their latest projects or play a game.

Participant Zoey Loving, who is a North Platte High School senior, said she is having fun and learning a lot.

"We usually talk about what ever we're doing at the time," said Loving, "The first week we talked about a lot of safety and we did projects with safety and we also do you like awesome food projects like cooking or we do fun games or arts and crafts and I love it because I'm normally not a social person I am seclusive in my room all the time but going onto the zoom meetings I'm getting out of my comfort zone."

The group is hoping to be able to get together in person at a park next week for their meet up. The funding for the program is made possible through the Applegate Foundation.