Students take celebratory walk around track after Change Wars

Published: Oct. 4, 2019 at 8:41 PM CDT
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Pennies, dimes, nickels and quarters, were collected for two weeks starting September 17th, at North Platte elementary and middle schools as part of an annual "war" between the schools.

Students overturned couch cushions and looked in piggy banks to collect coins to participate in the 3rd Annual "Change Wars."

It was a competition between all area elementary schools and middle schools to raise money for the North Platte Public Schools Foundation's REACH Grants for Teachers.

Each classroom raised as much money as they could in a two week period. Organizer Jodi Howard with The North Platte Public Schools Foundation said it's a great fundraiser because all students can participate.

"What we love about this fundraiser is all the kids can find change in the couch cushions, in grandmas car, in moms car i don't have any pop money for the 2 weeks its going on because my child raids that for the collection and unlike other fundraisers where they have to bring something, or they have to go ask somebody for something, they can all find change and feel like they are a participant."

The students will then celebrated at Elementary Night Friday before the Bulldog vs Lincoln Football game. Little Bulldog tickets were given to the students and they were able to enter the game free of charge with a paying adult. They were recognized before the game as they did a victory march around the track.

The total for this year was $11,882 with about 1,000 pounds in change being taken to Nebraskaland National Bank.

The winner of this years' competition was Jefferson who raised around $2200. McDonald was in second being $31 behind Jefferson. Mrs. Furley's class at McDonald raised $446 with 26 students in the class so they received free tickets to Friday nights' Bulldog Barbecue.

Each participating school will receive 1/2 of the dollar amount they raised as well as a matching donation from a local sponsor. Over 70% of the money that the students bring in will stay at their respective school. The rest of the money from the change wars will be distributed to the North Platte Public School Foundations REACH grant program which funds innovative projects for teachers that fall outside the classroom budget.

Last year NPPS students brought in just over $12,000.

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