Students, teachers create art and fundraise for flood victims

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - Nebraska flood relief efforts are still coming in and this time, it's through elementary students in Hershey.

Hershey Public Schools food service director, Kim Lows, distributed coloring pages to preschool through sixth grade.

The students colored them then Lows arranged them into the shape of Nebraska in the school cafeteria.

"The project actually was developed by another food service director," said Lows, "She made the coloring pages and I took it and made it my own, so the shape of Nebraska."

In addition to the art piece, the school held a day where students could wear a hat to school for $1 and teachers could wear jeans for $5 for the day. Through that one day, they were able to raise $1,700.

The special education students stepped in to help.

"Another fundraiser we did, the special education class has its own coffee shop here that they run out of a classroom and they did coffee that went to Wood River public school and they raised $600 in a day and the National Honor Society raised supplies and food to go to Bellevue,Nebraska to help with the victims of all the flooding so it tied everything together as a whole to help with all the flooding victims," said Lows.

The students said they were happy to help.

"It makes me feel good that we can help other people that don't have much right now," said 5th grader Ryleigh Melvin. "It makes me feel happy to know that other people like us aren't in trouble anymore," said 6th grader Jax Staton.

Lows said the students love seeing their work on display. "They love it. Everybody wants to point out which one they did they love to see it every single day and then to watch it grow it started so small with just a couple pictures and to watch it grow and to watch it become something they had no idea it was going to was going to be Nebraska to begin with so they really enjoyed seeing the pictures on the wall."

Lows said the teachers were all on board. "I gave them all the papers and everybody didn’t have any questions about taking some time out of their class to color the pages and to have the students involved in the project."

Lows said she is debating on leaving the art up next year as the response has been so great.

Lows shared a message to those the fundraiser is benefiting,"Stay strong keep your head up, there are people out there willing to help."