Stuhr Museum does Memorial Day funeral re-enactment

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Grand Island, Neb. (KSNB) Honor, respect, and gratitude were just a few of the descriptions people used at the Stuhr Museum Memorial Day Celebration.

Volunteers re-enact turn of the century parade at the Stuhr Museum. Source: KSNB

It was a day filled with mixed emotions, celebrating the lives of our men and women who fought for our country while mourning their loss.

Being able to go back in time and re-create the way heroes were honored back in the 1800's is a distinct capability of the Stuhr Museum.

Family, friends and loved ones participated in the re-creation of a funeral remembrance walk. Dressed in clothing representing that era of time is a big part of the event.

Songs were sung, flowers placed on graves and faces mixed with pride and sadness could be seen from those attending.

"I have a lot of family that was involved in a lot of different conflicts throughout our history and for me it is a personal way to honor their memory," said Kay Cynova, Townsperson.

A gun salute rang in the skies ending the ceremony.

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