Sutherland Village Board votes to hold special election

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SUTHERLAND, Neb. From a decision making standpoint you can expect not too much to change in the coming months from the Sutherland Village Board.

However re-organization of the board is underway with a few minor shuffles taking place immediately.

The board voted to approve a special election set to take place via mail-in ballot on February 13th, 2018

Until then, active board member James Bliss was nominated to serve as the interim chair.

Ken Main was nominated to Vice Chair but declined.

With the exception of moving Jim Bliss to interim chair, the rest of the board will remain intact.

As interim chair, Bliss has the authority to appoint board members so that it can back to five members; currently the board has three.

Larger items on the boards agenda are being withheld from vote until the board is filled with permanent members.