Prosecution details exhaustive search for answers in Sydney Loofe's disappearance

Published: Jun. 26, 2019 at 11:02 AM CDT
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Jurors heard seven hours of testimony Wednesday as the prosecution laid out what happened after they found Sydney Loofe's Body.

Witnesses testified during the eighth day of Loofe's murder trial as the defendant, Aubrey Trail, failed to appear for the second day in a row.

Trail hasn't been in court since his violent outburst Monday morning.

FBI special agent Eli McBride finished describing locating Loofe's body first thing Wednesday morning as Loofe's family sat quietly in the courtroom.

“Loofe’s body was cut into 14 pieces,” McBride said. “We found 13.”

Prosecutor Sandra Allen passed 11 photos of Loofe’s body to the jury. The photos weren’t put up on the big screens in the courtroom, only shown to jurors.

After finding her body, McBride said their investigation was far from over.

He listed various items found with Loofe's body including a jacket she was seen wearing, a pair of bloody pajama pants and a stained towel.

More evidence was found when investigators traced Trail and Bailey Boswell's steps to Clay County.

Nebraska State Patrol Lieutenant Lonnie Connelly said he and another trooper were tasked with driving slowing along the route they took, combing the ditches for more evidence.

Connelly said they found a bleach stained shirt, men's underwear and a women's winter boot.

Finding this evidence also prompted yet another search of Trail and Boswell's apartment. McBride said many more items were seized in the search including two books- one was about coins, the other about human anatomy.

Forensic analysts with FBI's headquarters in Quatico, Virginia testified next.

Stacy Furnam, with the FBI, specializes in matching fingerprints. She said she tested several items taken from the Trail's apartment and the scene in Clay County and only the two books had usable fingerprints.

The book about coins had fingerprints from both Trail and Boswell. The human anatomy book had the fingerprints of a woman the court has mandated stays anonymous.

Marcy Plaza, another FBI analyst who focuses on DNA matches said several items found with Loofe's body had her DNA on them.

This includes the bloody pajamas, the towel, a rubber glove and cut up denim.

None of the evidence taken from Clay County could be connected to Trail and Boswell through DNA, Plaza said.

Court adjourned Wednesday around 4:30 p.m.

The prosecution will call more witnesses Thursday. Prosecutor Sandra Allen said she expects to go back to what happened in the days before Loofe's disappearance.

Trail's defense attorneys said its anyone's guess if their client will appear. They said he could opt out of attending the entire trial if he wishes.


They also found a white fleece jacket.

The prosecution asked McBride if he remembered what Loofe was wearing in the Snapchat she took saying she was ready for her date with Bailey Boswell, Trail’s co-defendant.

“A white Columbia jacket,” McBride answered.

McBride said investigators also searched Trail and Boswell’s Wilber apartment and vehicles after they found Loofe’s body.

He said investigators disassembled Trail’s Ford 500 from the inside out.

“We were looking for trace evidence, so blood, DNA or fingerprints,” McBride said.

McBride said the car tested positive for blood in preliminary tests and they seized several hairs and fibers.

They haven’t discussed the final lab results from these tests, but acknowledged that these kinds of preliminary tests can provide false positives.

In the search the Wilber apartment, McBride said investigators were trying to find out where in the apartment Loofe was killed and her body dismembered.

They took several samples of fabric from the apartment to send to the lab as well.

In his opening statements, Joe Murray, Trail’s defense attorney said Loofe died at Trail’s hands, but it was an accident.

He said they were engaged in a consensual sexual act in his bed in Wilber when Loofe died.

Prosecutors said Loofe’s death was planned and Trail and Boswell lured Loofe to them using Tinder.

McBride said they sent bedsheets off to the lab for testing.

Yesterday the prosecution said they were going to start calling witnesses to testify about the lab results on items found in their various searches.


The murder trial of Sydney Loofe continued on Wednesday, once again without defendant Aubrey Trail in attendance.

Trail was not present in court for the second straight day after cutting his throat in the middle of the courtroom on Monday morning.

Trail shouted “Bailey is innocent and I curse you all” before cutting himself with what was likely a piece of razor blade.

On Wednesday, witness testimony picked up with FBI Special AgentEli McBride, who described the search for Loofe’s remains in Clay County after the arrests of Trail and his co-defendant Bailey Boswell.

McBride said that after using digital evidence to find the location where Loofe’s dismembered remains were buried, search crews found a plastic suit, several pairs of gloves, cut up trash bags, and a white fleece jacket in a Clay County field.

Loofe was wearing the jacket in a recent Snapchat video, McBride said.

In addition, a number of body parts were located.

“Loofe’s body was cut into 14 pieces, we found 13 of those pieces, McBride said. “The piece we didn’t find was the upper left arm from just above her elbow to just below her shoulder.”

After the body parts were located, authorities searched the home of Boswell and Trail once again, finding tools, a book about human anatomy, and a box for the plastic suit found in the field.

Forensic evidence was taken from the apartment and sent to the lab. The results of those tests are expected to be discussed during testimony on Wednesday afternoon.