Take care of yourself when scooping snow

North Platte, Neb. (KNOP) - After having a quick blizzard which dropped 6-12 inches of snow across Nebraska, residents are forced to clear walks and driveways. Being safe from falls and heart attacks is important.

Between Sunday and Monday much of Nebraska, including Lincoln County, experienced one of the heaviest snow falls residents say they've seen in years.

Mild weather (in the 30's) on Monday had residents across the area out scooping walks and driveways. Some used plows and snow blowers, but many were out with shovels.

Dr. Jim Smith, Medical Director of Emergency Services at Great Plains Health said that he had not yet treated anyone for over-exertion heart attacks. He had, rather, seen six people in the first four hours for falls, three of which included broken bones.

The concern, of course, is falling (as ice often hides under snow); but, also, the real risk of heart attacks.

Dr. Richard Markiewicz, Interventional cardiologist and endovascular specialist or Great Plains Health, said that chemicals in the body are triggered when the body has emotional or physical stress. Overexertion, such as scooping the snow in the cold, can trigger these chemicals and cause a ruptured plaque in the heart which that ruptured plaque can lead to issues such as a heart attack.

Both doctors recommend not scooping snow if a person has a risk of heart disease, or known issue.