Taps and Tunes draws in hundreds of people

Live music and craft beers were enjoyed as part of Nebraskasland days Thursday night.

Taps and Tunes 2019 sells out after the 500 tickets are sold by Sunday night. People enjoy craft beers and brews from Nebraska breweries. (Source: Holly Barraclough, KNOP TV)

Nebraskaland days hosted Taps and Tunes, formerly known as Wild West Microfest, on Thursday evening at the Wild West Arena. The event allows patrons to try Nebraskan wine and craft beer while listening to live music.

As ticket holders entered, they received a Nebraskaland Days glass to use to sample the brews. Fifteen Nebraska breweries were on-site sharing some of their best brews, including some special ones not even on their menu at their establishment.

Jeff Moore is in charge of the occasion and said the event is for the community.

"We're so community minded when it comes to the Nebraskaland Days," said Moore, "We love to put it on for the community. We just want the community to come out and support all the vendors all the different functions that we have."

The event sold out on Sunday at 500 tickets sold. The tickets were $30 and that included all the drinks people cared to try.

The live music was provided by Nate Bockus.