Teachers brings positivity to high school

 Teacher stands outside school with sign to encourage students. (SOURCE: Kaylie Crowe KNOP-TV)-
Teacher stands outside school with sign to encourage students. (SOURCE: Kaylie Crowe KNOP-TV)- (KNOP)
Published: Jan. 21, 2020 at 5:00 PM CST
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"It's just a great way to connect with the kids," said Scott King a Science Teacher and PBiS Team Leader at North Platte High School.

At North Platte High School students are met with positivity before they even walk through the doors. Science Teacher Scott King brings fun to his daily duty of greeting students by bringing a sign every day to encourage them. Some parents are coming to recognize Mr. King as the sign guy and students are enjoying it too.

"I had one student one day bring me a breakfast burrito saying hey thanks for being out here so you know it's definitely been a lot of fun," said King.

Not only does it create a positive atmosphere he says it connects with his duties with PBiS Positive behavioral interventions and supports.

"My sign is about building relationships with students and that's what PBiS is about. It's not about a student said something wrong so you send them to the office. It's not about an action causes a consequence. It's about building a relationship and correcting those behaviors and teaching kids, you know, to have a relationship and how to respond appropriately to a situation," said King.

PBiS's goal is to create a change in the culture to be more positive and to deal with behaviors in ways to correct bad behavior and not just punishment.

Micah Fisher, the High School Associate Principal and PBiS Administrator said students do better in this atmosphere.

"It changes the culture and how you operate. When you have a more positive atmosphere it's more enjoyable, its more relaxing, more engaging because you're sitting there and you know that the teacher cares about you you know they want what's best for you," said Fisher.

They say when a teacher shows they care and will go out of their way for a student, students tend to do the same in return.