Teddy bear scavenger hunt taking place in Ogallala

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NORTH PLATTE, NEB. (KNOP)- There is a different kind of bear hunt taking place in Ogallala. A hunt for teddy bears.

One household dressed up their teddy bear to look like an astronaut. (Credit:Sam Pirozzi/KNOP-TV)

Lore Bekius, a resident of Ogallala, had seen the idea from other communities and asked others what they thought of the idea and if people would be interested in doing something similar. The response was overwhelmingly in favor.

"We had hundreds of people commenting how that was a great idea and everyone wanted to be apart of it," said Bekius.

Originally hoping to have somewhere around 20 to 30 houses participating, the total is now close to 150. Bekius is thankful that everyone has been as enthusiastic as they have been over the idea and looks at it as a way for people to come together while being apart.

"I really think this is actually making our community stronger, working together to bring such a fun activity that every family can do," said Bekius.

There's also a competition aspect to the scavenger hunt. Starting on April 10th, families participating can bring their sheets to Wolf Auto in Ogallala. Those with the most bears marked off their list can receive a coupon book that will go towards supporting local businesses.