Teens moved from Geneva YRTC to Kearney KRTC due to unsafe living conditions

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Kearney, Neb. (KSNB) - Complaints of unlivable conditions forced four female teens to flee the YRTC in Geneva.

Currently all of the teens from the Geneva facility are being housed at the Kearney facility.

Teens have been complaining to their parents for weeks about the deplorable conditions at the Geneva YRTC.

Youth rehabilitation centers are suppose to focus on educational programs for teens and improving their social skills. Instead females at the Geneva YRTC say they were dealing with unsafe and dangerous living conditions.

"Our kids went there to get help, living in conditions I never dreamed of living in," said Prudence Water, Mom.

"Holes in they drywall, holes in the floor, plumbing problems some mold issues" these are some of the problems said (R) Senator John Lowe.

Although four teens had already ran away, they along with the remaining teens are now housed in Kearney, the traditionally an all-male facility.

D-H-H-S says they had to close all four buildings at Geneva because the conditions. Fortunately the Kearney facility is large enough to house both groups without them ever having to see each other.

"They are going to be separated in shifts so they will never really interact with each other," adds Lowe.

Some rooms had no lights, no mattresses and teens were forced to sleep on the floor. State leaders say they were shocked.

"I had no idea," said Senator Patty Pansing.

Senator Lowe adds, "With the girls gone they should be able to go in there and get the repairs done."

Along with repairs to the building they will also take this time to make changes to the programs they offer..

The Geneva facility was built back in 1891, so it is well past 100 years old. Staff members have been relocated to the Kearney facility as well. There is no estimated time frame as to how long it will take to make the necessary repairs.

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