'The Coffee Pot Is On' at the Fox

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. Minden High School received a special invitation from The Fox Theater to bring their one act play about the North Platte Canteen to the community.

Minden High School's One Act took the stage at the Fox in North Platte to perform "The Coffee Pot Is On". (Source: Jace Barraclough/KNOP)

Board Member Tyler Cronin saw the school perform the play at a one act competition and was inspired to bring it to the people of North Platte.

The play was directed by Minden High School's Jeff Horner.

Horner said he was motivated to do the play after a great experience learning about The Canteen in North Platte.

Hannah Boehler played the role of Rae Wilson Slate who started The Canteen. She said even though it paid off, it was a hard part to play.

"Telling someone's story has been a burden but also something I love to do. So, being able to do that has been amazing," said Boehler.
"This is my first lead role that I've had. So it's very nerve racking at first. But, I took the challenge and I'm very glad I did."

Little did the cast know, a woman named Marcele Schmidt, who worked in The Canteen was in attendance.

She recalls what it was like as a 13-year-old girl volunteering to help the soldiers.

"The thing I remember the most is when the train came in those guys were ready to run down the steps and get into the Canteen," said Schmidt.

"I had three brothers in the military at the time. So, the war was very much a topic of our family. When you think back on what happened and how everybody responded, it does bring back emotions."

Schmidt said the play brought her the same emotions she felt decades before.

"The presentation was excellent. They did a very good job and I think it was very true to life as it actually happened. I'd say kudos to the kids that participated in this," Schmidt said.