The Eagles Club eats for charity

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. The Eagles Club was showing their support for our troops by eating breakfast on Sunday.

The club hosted a pancake breakfast for Operation Christmas Card in North Platte.

Operation Christmas Card is an organization that makes care packages and cards for the troops overseas.

People within the organization receive soldier's addresses from family members then work to put together cards or essential hygeine kits and goodies to send to them.

Mother Tiffany Lampson and her daughter Blake enjoy participating.

"I help fill out the cards," says Blake.

"Last year she did about 50," says Tiffany.

"It's a very good feeling. It's something we can give back to them. A lot of them aren't expecting it. It's something that makes us feel good and makes us know we're helping."

To find out how you can help visit Operation Christmas Card